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RARYNOI - is an emerging Piedmontese high fashion brand born in 2020. Our proposals are inspired by the 40-50s and adapted to the present day, thus creating a unique style. The Italian craftsmanship of the products is one of our strengths. The choice of fabrics and the care of the finishes allows to combine comfort and elegance in a single aesthetically relevant element of the wardrobe.


But how did it start?

A late summer 2019 afternoon, a cup of coffee, the sun shining over the Piedmontese Alps. It was at that moment that the idea of ​​creating the RARYNOI brand was born. A brand that combines the passion for Timeless clothes with the addition of a pinch of ideology. Because every dress has a story, every dress reminds us of something, it's just a matter of time, don't you think?


Here you will find tailor-made clothes for both you and your future memories. Our goal is to create clothes suitable for people and not in the fashion of the moment. Timeless clothes but not without identity. It is precisely this identity that makes us unique.

Each of our dresses represents something more than a simple sewn fabric.

Each of our dresses has a name and an ideology that identifies it. It's up to you to develop it or give it a totally different twist.


rarynoi brand montagne piemontesi


Turn your head around and get noticed with clothing as unique as you are. With particular attention to details and finishes, RARYNOI focuses on quality. Precisely for this reason we decided to create the limited editions - clothes of the past; when quality mattered more than anything and being unique meant being happy.


Get inspired.


RARYNOI, because we are rare, each of us.